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How it works

Invite your friends

Send invitations so your friends can enjoy the benefits of the community trading! Prices of the products can be decreased with successful subscriber invites.

Shop with shares

Invite your friends, because you will earn discounts after succesful invites. In this way you can take home anything for EUR 1.


Share our products with friends, after their purchase we will put a sum to your balance.


  • Product prices can be lowered via sharing to as low as 1 Eruo.
  • The product and the pricing process can be followed under the my shares menu ONLINE.
  • If your invitations are accepted, your reward bonuses can be redeemed for any future purchases.
  • Your bonuses can be redeemed for any future purchases at any time, you don't need to reach the target. Simply click the I'LL TAKE IT button under the "My Shares" menu.
  • Listings can be bought at the displayed price, simply click the ADD TO CART button.

Your bonuses are available to use for making purchases for 6 months.


As a member you can trade with listings where your friend can decrease the product price by new memberships via sharing, however your profit remains intact. You may follow the process ONLINE .

Under the Balance menu you can ask for and follow payouts both as an individual or business.

Your trading activity may be review and edited under the My Shares menu.


Share the experience of community trading with your friends. The amount received from the subscriptions through your successful invitations can be used as shopping discounts, which you can follow online in your balance. You can choose a product later on.

Your sent out invitation describes the option to trade in our system, receive bonuses and friendly-price membership. You can give gift of EUR 50 shopping bonus. If your friends accept your invitation, every new registrant decreases the product price even to as low as EUR 1. Your invitations are considered marketing activity, through sharing you take part in promoting Postrader.


You will get registrants and subscribers with free invititations (SMS, Email, Facebook). Switch to bigger package if you reach the limit of your storage.

You can customize your profile in a few minutes.

You can add or edit your personal data or billing/shipping information here. You can also upgrade your personal account to a business account.

Club membership (Buy membership)

Why is it good for you?

  • Any product can be bought at wholesale prices in an instant for 30 days.
  • You are automatically entered into our monthly sweepstakes.
  • Your income comes from inviting friends.
  • You can pay with inviting your friends successfully.

Sharing based trade:

  • You may trade with any listings without buying them in advance. Potential customers who are offered the listings are not required to pay for them either as every share decreases the price. All they have to pay is your profit.
  • Follow your trading activity online to see how low has the price dropped so far. Use the Persuade to draw their attention on the decreased price and get them buy the product.

Shop via share:

  • In our community products can be taken by inviting friends.
  • You may invite your friends under the "Invitations" menu without the need to make a purchase or conduct trading.
  • You may follow the decreasing price of your purchase online. Click the I'll take it button to purchase it at the actual price, even for 1 Euro.
  • Bonuses: EUR 50 purchase bonus
  • Review your bonuses under the Balance menu, which can be redeemed for making purchases. You may submit a request for your earnings' payout here.
  • Every payin and -out will be billed to you.

Drawdown of subscription:

  • You can get the amount of your subscribed friend's net monthly subscription fee (who subscribed following your invite). The rate of the current payment raises if your subscription balance raises. Ask for payment in balance menu.

Monthly membership fee: 5 EUR,

70% of the membership fee of all your invitee (the basis of the membership fee is the amount that Postrader receives from mobile operators or payment processors) will be credited on your account or you can redeem it for a purchase.

Be a permanent, satisfied participant of the sharing trade cycle now taking place in 15 countries. Postrader is committed to proprietary community trade, that's why we spend the your subscription payments on the platform and you, so you can trade with good profit, or you can take home items from as low as 1 Euro. Your balance is kept for 12 months after your first subscription.


  • Products on Postrader wbsites are sourced directly from manufacturers, importers and other contractual suppliers.
    They are covered by warranty; our company also offers shipping and customer services, in addition you can submit us a request for quotation online.

You may view your earnings here and can also submit us a request of payout.

You may also follow up your shopping bonuses earned from invitations/shares here.

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