How can I decrease the price of the product I want to EUR 1?

If you achieve the number of shares shown on the product you only have to pay 1 Euro for it. You can alwayxs change your mind if you think the product is cheap enough for you, so you don't have to wait for shares to reach the price of the product.

What is the invite menu used for?

You may invite your friends under the "Invitations" menu by email, SMS or on Facebook messenger. Here you can post the invite URL directly on your Facebook page. If anybody register through this to our system you will get a bonus after him/her, which you can follow up in the balance menu.

What is that the price is in share?

We changed the prices to share numbers. The price of a product can be reduced with successfull shares, so you can take it for 1 Euro and for the given share number.

What is a share?

Successfully share is when your friend registers by your invite or buys a subscription.

Exactly what is trading?

You can send product offer to your friends as a club member. Just select the product and send your offer to your friend in email, SMS or Facebook. If your friend buys the product, we will credit 70% of the entered profit to your shopping balance.

Should I be a contractor to trade?

No! That's exactly the point. Anyone can be an ad hoc trader and for this you don't need to buy products! Just sell the product and pocket the profit!

What happens if I can't make as many shares as the price of the product is?

Your shares are still not lost. You can buy the chosen product with your reduced price (via shares) anytime! Just click to „Take it” button in your purchase list!

How do I earn bonus?

After a free registration we give you 50 € bonus for purchasing, if you would like to buy a product without sharing.

Do I lose my balance when my subscription period is over?

When your paid subscription expires, we keep your accumulated balance for 12 months, while you can buy a new subscription again and use it.

Can I buy stuff on Postrader immediately?

Sure! You can buy every product instantly, for cash or using our other supported payment methods, by clicking "Add to cart" on the product page.

How do I get my earnings?

We transfer your earnings to your bank account. Just click the Withdrawal button on the Balance page.

How many invitations can I send to a single person?

One person can receive any number of invitations, but they can buy a subscription for 90 consecutive days in advance at most.

How do I know that my order is surely processed?

After each successful checkout, we send an invoice and a confirmation to your registered e-mail address and start processing your order.

Can I modify my purchase list?

Of course. You can view your pending purchases in the list, and if you do not wish to wait for any single product to reach the minimum price of 1 EUR, you can buy it instantly, or you can delete it as well.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your purchase within 14 working days after delivery. For this, you need to request cancellation at our customer service via e-mail.

What can I do if I do not like the product?

Within 14 days the purchase can be canceled. Then the unseparated and undamaged product with the invoice must be returned to our customer service.

By sharing-based purchase how do I get a refund?

We will reduce the successful shares from the final amount of your invoice named marketing activity. You can pay the remaining amount with PayPal, credit card, cash on delivery, or with bank transfer.

What happens if a product is out before i collect the needed shares?

Your shares are still not lost, you can redeem them for any product.

Where can I get help on warranty matters?

Please contact our customer care via the details on the Contact page with warranty issues.

Where to file a complaint?

Please contact our customer care via the details on the Contact page, whenever you wish to file a complaint.

When is our customer service online?

Our customer service is accessible on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm CET. We answer e-mail inquiries within one working day.

When paying by credit card, how do I get a refund?

We transfer the amount due onto your bank account.