How much does registration cost?
Registration is free for all
How can I delete my registration?
Indicate your intentions on the contact site for our Customer Service and your request will be completed within 24 hours.
What happens if I can’t reduce the price of my product to 1$?
You can buy the product anytime on a decreased price, just click the basket next to the product in your list.
How can I upload a profile picture?
Click on your profile picture in the ‘Dashboard’ menu and upload your own picture.
Where can I edit my data?
You can edit your data under the menu of ‘Dashboard’.
How can I create a campaign for my product?
Choose a product, place it in your wish list then click the %s button in your wish list.
How can I edit my campaign?
You can edit your campaign by clicking the 'Edit' button under the menu of 'Actual Campaigns'.
How can I add more functions to the campaign?
You can make your campaign more colorful by purchasing a regular or premium campaign package. Packages can be purchased with the support of others or you can buy them under the "Campaign Builder" menu.
From what payment methods I can choose from?
On our site you have the option to pay by Paypal, bank transfer and by credit card as well.
How can I take my income?
You profit will be credited on your bank account; you just have to click on the ‘Payment’ button in the ‘Balance’ menu.
Where can you request delivery?
Our supplier partners deliver to all countries in the World.
How much does shipping cost?
The price of the delivery is normally 20$ but in some cases we may charge extra fee during delivery.
How much is the time of delivery?
Delivery time takes about 7-30 days in the US and about 7-14 days in Europe.
Who can see my data?
Besides your public profile your data will not be visible to others and they will be not given to the third person.
Where can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
You can delete yourself from our mailing list by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter.
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