About us

Our company was founded in 2013, following a conversation at a café, where the founders decided to build a world where the profit can be kept in the community, rather than it being skimmed by commerce as it is now. Since then, the website has been continuously developed so that you can keep finding new functions and opportunities that help your work.
The small team from the beginnings has grown into an enterprise employing 160 people and together with all of you, it has become a huge community.

We created the Postrader system based on our own know-how, our proprietary system and our business model; which was awarded the 2016 Innovation Grand Prize for start-ups. This is thanks to you all, since your feedback has helped us a great deal.

About our website

Starting from Postrader's central webpage (postrader.com), you can get to 15 different countries' Postrader page, where you can browse from millions of products in 12 product categories. On every page, you can set in what languageand currency you want to see information regarding the product.
Use the power of the community! Gain extra income, shop by sharing or charge your balance by sending out invitations! Postrader works for you.